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East Plano Murphy Pet Hospital is one of the leading veterinary hospitals in the Plano, Murphy, and surrounding areas.

You all deserve:

  • Caring and friendly staff. Highly skilled doctors with close to 100 years of combined professional veterinary experience. Support staff who are motivated and well-trained; with most having college-level education.
  • Convenient hours and location.
  • Superior veterinary care at an affordable price.

We offer a full range of veterinary services including wellness exams and tests, vaccinations, surgery, dentistry, emergency and critical care, x-rays, ultrasound, laboratory, pharmacy, taxi service, grooming, and boarding.

An invitation to join the PreVet School and Tech Programs.

From Dr. Hector Carbonell, DVM; Chief of Staff.

To our incoming interns and parents,

The Pre-Vet School and Pre-Med School Programs are combinations of online and in-person training. Initially, actual time in the hospital will be limited for everyone’s safety. When virus cases subside and a vaccine is made available, we should have more hands-on and in-hospital time. As weather permits, activities in the back-yard and patio areas will also increase thanks to the open-air environment.


You will have a complete training revolving around all the veterinary departments including:
Vaccinations and Preventive Care
General Treatment Area
Exam Room Appointments
Routine Surgeries
Routine Dentistry
Emergency and Intensive/Critical Care
Emergency Surgeries
Emergency Dentistry
Laser Therapy
Radiology or X-rays
Management Software
Supervision & Management

For Juniors and Seniors enrolled in Plano, please review your CVT and PISD syllabus as we follow their guidelines to match our system. Contact us if you are interested in being a veterinarian, pet advocate, or planning to become any of these health care professionals:

Doctor (MD, DO, physician)
Healthcare manager
Other biology degrees


Among many other skills, perhaps most importantly, you will learn the art of working effectively with different people. This necessary skill for success is sometimes overlooked. Both staff and clients share a love for every pet that enters the hospital and strong people-skills and communication skills help ensure that the patient is the number one priority.

I will be one of your mentors out of many whom you will come to rely on; your other mentors are the associate veterinarians, Medical Chief, hospital managers, and the support staff. We have over 20 employees. Safety is most important and so we are limiting the number of staff and interns we have inside the hospital. Fortunately, our 5,000 square foot facility is new and state of the art. The big space, modern ventilation, patio, and backyard all contribute to keep us all safer. Your safety will be our priority too. There will be very little client interaction for now but that should improve soon.


Within the past 3 years alone we have helped four of our interns and staff achieve their dream of admittance into veterinary school. They’re now at Texas A&M and Oklahoma State University. You are in the right place if you’re committed and will work hard.

It is the four-year relationship that you can develop with staff that is most valuable. The mistake that many veterinary school applicants make is approaching us on their junior or senior year of college to begin building connections. Starting out early and proving yourself consistently year after year is the key to success. Even if focus changes from veterinary school, we can still help guide you through admissions for advance studies or choosing a career towards financial independence.


It may be worth your consideration that we often hire interns over new applicants, especially for summer jobs. Although there is no guarantee for anyone, we do prefer to hire from within. Four students out of nine were hired from the class of 2020 (PESH and Wylie) and from our UTD program. Others were recommended for hire to local vets.


The pandemic resulted in a higher cost to maintain the teaching program. Online learning subscriptions, liability insurance coverage, added staff compensation, among other factors has forced us to charge $155 a month. Please consult with your parents regarding the tuition fee.

The first month’s charge of just $155 is a trial period for you to see if we are the right fit. Candidates we retain will then be offered to enroll for $880 if six months is prepaid.

If you have questions or concerns, please have your parents contact the main office number. State your name, school, and goals, and we will call you back.

Welcome to the program.

H. Carbonell DVM

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