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East Plano Murphy Pet Hospital

Our Latest Updates

An invitation to join the PreVet School and Tech Programs

To our dear interns, Instead of calling the office, please contact me directly by texting my cell phone at 469-450-2833. Let me know if your parents also want to contact
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Our Boarding Kennels are available as a better alternative to asking your neighbor for a favor!

Where should you keep your pets when the rest of the family is away? Sometimes boarding is the best option, but questions about vaccines and what to bring can seem
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A proud nation celebrates Independence Day once again!

July 2018 schedule – holiday hours: We will be closed on July 4th only. We will open for business as usual on Monday the 3rd, and the rest of the
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Urinary Problems In Dogs and Cats

Cats will be discussed first because bladder problems are notoriously more common or alarming in this species, in my experience. There are at least two divided camps when it comes
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Pets’ Vital Signs & Normal Values

Vital Signs and Normal Values: It is important to know what is normal so we can learn to recognize later on what is abnormal. Some general observations are mostly true.
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Choosing a Pet

Ask yourself these questions: • What role does a pet play in your life? • How much time do you have for your pet? • What about cost overall? •
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